Royal Falcon


Built in the mid 1930s by Cox & Filmer in 1938. Originally had a converted Studebaker truck engine later replaced with a Kermath & the Studebaker was sold to Bill Waters, who put it in the Gay Dawn when he built her. Owned by the (John?) Wrightson family in the 1940s & 50s.

Updated 20/05/2013 with current photos

16 thoughts on “Royal Falcon

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  2. The other vessel was Vacuna, both her & Royal Falcon in their 4sale blurbs inferred that the seller had owned them for a considerable period & was selling due to ‘old age’ (of the owner, not the vessel), when this was not the case.
    I’m restrained in what I can say – but I would not buy anything off Thom / Tom Nesbitt ,especially a classic launch 😉


  3. This Thom Nesbitt is a bit of a dodgy trader, was his name not linked to a fiasco on this site around another launch that he bought & sold under questionable circumstances?
    He should be banned from this site.


    I have received the below form Steve Pople the present owner;
    Message for Ken Ricketts,

    Just to keep you informed of the Royal Falcon.
    You expressed an interest in its whereabouts on Waitemata Woodys website.
    She was sold in Feb 2016 on Trademe to Thom Nesbitt who on-sold her to my wife Colette and me in June 2016. I’m 99 % sure that Tom Nesbitt bought her from a “Chris and Paul,” who bought her in approx April 2013.

    She looks like she has had a good 10 – 15 years of deferred maintenance that we are starting to put right.
    It is our aim to return her to as close to original appearance as (financially and feasibly) possible.
    However at this stage it’s all just fact finding so don’t believe anything I tell you until it actually happens.

    She is currently still moored on the East Tamaki river and will definitely remain somewhere on the Waitemata.

    We are interested in any information we can get, other than what we have already gleaned from Waitemata Woodys website.

    Steve Pople


  5. I was always intrigued that she had a three pane screen on the aft dodger but a flat one on the wheelhouse. Also that quite old fashioned circular plaque each side fwd just before and below the fwd scuttle with RF on it.


  6. She was built by neither Colin Wild nor Arnold Couldrey., but by Cox & Filmer in 1938.


  7. we will update some pictures of the royal falcon in the next day or two as well as we will give u a ring,cheers mike and paul.


  8. Thank yo so much for that up to the minute info — I remember he so very well form the 1940s & 50s — I have some movie footage of her & some of he crew at that time as well feel free to call me if you wish on 021 988 919 or email any recent pics you may have to,nz


  9. yea shes moored on the Tamaki river we just brought it and now has a bigger better rootes ts3 commer diesel 2 stroke engine still has fly bridge has been left a little while is starting to look great again but she only needs minor things done to her. its a great boat to take out she gets up and goes around 10 knots and has great handling to it.Has recently had some root taken out of it up in the chest,also has not got any varnishings on the main cabin but will hopefully varnish it again.The old engine was a smaller ts3 commer that was playing up and on its way out also on the way to half moon bay 10 odd years ago when the previous owner was getting the new engine in it blew up and over heated and only two pistons were working on it and you also have to cut the main cabins roof off to install these rootes commer ts3 maxi engines because they go under the floor boards nice and tucked a way.thanks Mike.


  10. She is on the poles outside Owen Wooleys old boat shed ( now leader boats ) on the River and is running a Commer diesel. She has had a fly bridge added some years ago but it is a open version and not to bad. She sold to new owners only a few months ago.


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