$1 Reserve



$1 Reserve
This has to be a project for one of the woodys. I was alerted to this cutie on trademe by Scott Taylor.

Currently located in Paeroa (Waikaato) she measures 22’4″ & has no motor. As architects say about good houses – ‘she has great bones’, so woodys – someone must be looking for a project? Would be a cool lake boat – Rod Prosser, up for another lake boat ……….?  🙂

ps check out the motor in the background of one of the photos – wheres the monster going?

Now at the other end of the scale – check out the the youtube movie below. Its records the build of a one-off modern classic wooden boat – amazing to view the amount of time & skill that goes into building a wooden boat these days – enjoy 🙂

14 thoughts on “$1 Reserve

  1. Yes , lines are very nice. New to this . But saw a boat in Christchurch of the same construction,and age.


  2. The owner tells me it’s HOKIMAI. Unfortunately, that doesn’t help me with provenance. She can’t be the HOKIMAI that did a lot of gamefishing out of Tauranga from the early 20s as that boat must have been a lot bigger than 22′ oa. Maybe I’m wrong?


  3. Collings & Bell did build a number of 22 footers like this eg MINERVA for Lambourne of Ponsonby in 1911.


  4. I think the V12 is a Deutz ex the seiner VALKYRIE currently lying in a paddock off Gumtown Rd on the Hauraki Plains. She was at the Maritime Park at Paeroa for a number of years. The launch is either HOKI MAI or SCOTTY and I seem to remember she was powered by a 100E Ford.


  5. I have to say that her transom is VERY similar to our 22 foot SIR FRANCIS (Collings and Bell 1916). Never mind the Norman or Stuart Turner – she needs a Universal Utility Four or even a Morris Vedette.


  6. Ta. Keen to find out her provenance. Any Auckland builder of period 1911-15. Maybe Harvey & Lang or James Reid? Maybe anyone, but she’s just lovely!


  7. Yes Murray. I would love to have it at Rotoiti with one of my little Normans and a cone clutch in it but I can’t afford a divorce right now. Maybe if the Seacraft was finished


  8. Don’t worry Jason, she is a little round aft to give your girl a run even with a V12. Ideal for a Stuart Turner on Rotoiti I would imagine. Mr Laird may know of a suitable home…


  9. Thanks Alan, I absolutely loved the Blue Star youtube clip! What craftmanship and what a beautiful little boat.
    Rosemary Robinson


  10. The project boat was obviously in the process of a repower, & that old engine was simply not big enough for the job. — The owner wanted more speed???? — Looks a bit like a 12 cyl Mercedes Benz diesel — KEN R


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