Pencarrow – Where Is She

Post Re-build
As Launched
Original Engine
Wellinton 1940’s
Wellington WWII – Navy
Wellington – Navy
Pre Re-build

PENCARROW – Where Is She

WW was recently contacted by Dylan Saggers in regard to the 1916 built, 38’6″ vessel – Pencarrow. I’ll let Dylan tell the story

“The bridge-decker has been close to my heart and the history has been with many other happy owners. 95% of her life she has been called Pencarrow but when she was launched (as described In the paper article below) she was christened Valerie. Originally had a NZ made 4cyl. Twigg marine engine, then a 160hp petrol Kermath engine and I possibly believe she still has her 6 cyl. Ford diesel.Built In Auckland by Lanes (as I was told) not sure If this is correct . She has been many tops and 1 hull change In her lifetime, as described In the photos she has been many things. Many owners have had her. The Pencarrow spent time with the Pencarrow Sand Shingle company for a year in the mid 1930’s towing barges to Wellington for reclamation of the wharfs. In the 1940’s she was owned by the NZ Govt for Navy Patrol for Wellington. After that she went to the Dunn family who owned it from the early 1950’s to late 1960’s. 

But through the 1970’s > 1980’s unfortunately, I didn’t know who owned her. Early 1990’s my Dad had her and she did not have the extended top (as pictured with her reflection shining in the water) She was very beautiful to me In that configuration. She is my favourite boat of all the boats my father had. Then sold to the Macmorland family with partner family (It’s easily understandable why the top was extended including the wheelhouse being put forward for more room) as pictured the current top as it is now. Then the Coles family. Last sold In 2016 I think In Waikawa in Queen Charlotte Sound. After that I don’t have any Info.”

Dylan would like to locate the present owners, keep In touch with them and make an offer on it when he can. Dylan’s main outcome of all this is to buy her and restore her how Dylan remembers her when his father had her. Any current info or pictures Is very welcome.

6 thoughts on “Pencarrow – Where Is She

  1. Harold- Emblem was 32′ and lightly built, check out the draft of Pencarrow! And Pencarrow is triple skin…


  2. Yeah, was definitely built in 1916 a previous owner has a big file-folder on her and doing some research the Twigg that’s installed it probably has 30hp and is a 3cyl not 4 as I stated. Someone told me it was 4. For me don’t know anything about the valves. Like I said love to see her back in form in that Pre Re-build state.


  3. I think that TWIGG engines were generally side valve, not T head. I have always assumed that PENCARROW/VALERIE was EMBLEM built by David Reid in Auckland in 1912 and fitted with a 25hp 4 cylinder Buffalo marine engine. The Buffalo of that year was a T head. She was sold to Tymons the Commodore of the Wanganui Boating Club in 1923. He sold her on, probably with a name change to VALERIE, in 1930.


  4. I see the Original Twigg engine had separate cylinder blocks for each cylinder on a single crank case, & had a side valve “T” head style set up, with 1 valve for each cylinder on each side of the engine & what looks like 3 cylinders which are all visible, & they are not 2 up & 2 down, as they would be, if there was a 4th piston hidden somewhere. — KEN R


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