Mistral – A Peek Down Below

MISTRAL – A Peek Down Below

Mistral was designed and built in 1940 by Joe Wheeler, kauri carvel built – her specs are 32’ x 9’6” x 4’7”. She is powered by a 56hp Perkins 4108 that gets her along nicely when she isn’t sailing. Appears to be a well maintained and presented woody. (photos ex tme)

Mistral last appeared on WW back in April 2014 – other than the dog-house, has survived almost un altered since launch day.  https://waitematawoodys.com/2013/04/14/mistral/

3 thoughts on “Mistral – A Peek Down Below

  1. Admire her nearly every day. Present owner hasn’t had her that long. Previous owner, the late Dave Moss always kept her well.


  2. Joe Wheeler built Millie ll for my old man Roy Ward in 1959-60 in his small shed beside the house at the end of Bayswater Point. He had used the slipway up from the TBC clubhouse before it was swindled out of them by the developer of the marina. Joe mentioned Mistral and we kept an eye out for her -she had the doghouse back then. Cute stern.


  3. Incredible & wonderful, to see her still looking so absolutely lovely, after all these years, since I took the image above of her in 1948, in the Barny Bensky era.– KEN R


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