Motor sailer owned by Barney Bensky of Barnett Barnett major furniture retailers of the day, in Dominion Rd Mt Roskill, built late 1930s or early 40s. He had her in the later 1940s & 50s. She had a Graymarine 4 cyl petrol engine originally. Not sure of builder, or what has happened to her in recent years.
Ken Ricketts who took the photo is interested if someone could bring him up to date.

MISTRAL --  AS AT 1.11.13 -- 2 MISTRAL AS AT 1.11.13 -- 1

5 thoughts on “Mistral

  1. MISTRAL UPDATE — 1.11.13 She has been owned for the last 10 years by Dave Moss, a painter & decorator, who lives aboard permanently, on a swing mooring at Herald Island, as home base, but cruises regularly all around the gulf. — Is a keen fisherman. When he bought her through Taylors she was moored at at Half Moon Bay. — see new pics. When he bought her, she had a very old 4cyl Perkins 4108 diesel, & it was so old, he has replaced the original one, with a newer engine of the same spec. — it is almost certain that the one he took out, will have replaced the original 4 cyl Graymarine petrol, she had from new.


  2. Russell is right, she was built by Joe Wheeler at Bayswater in 1946. Later renamed INVADER. Recently seen up the creek from Salthouses.


  3. She’s had a little “loco caboose” dodger fitted over the fore end of her cockpit which has been there or quite a few years and looks in keeping with the style of the boat. The owner, Dave, lives aboard on a mooring up in the Greenhithe narrows. He keeps her looking good.


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