Haven’t offered up a prize in a while so today is a goodie. Thanks to a Mitchell Hutchings fb post we get to share the two brilliant photos above of the St Mary’s Bay area. Mitchell commented that the photos were dated 1980 but he was not sure of the date. Neil Gillard also commented that the date was more like the 1960’s, as at that time he was serving his time at Chas Bailey’s yard and he recalls the boats (probably the ferries) being moored there then. 

This how the quiz will work – each launch you correctly ID, gives you one point – get all there right and you have 3 chances in the draw. ID only 1 = 1 chance. Launch (c) will be a challenge. 

Entries by email only – closes 7pm 29-08-22 Answers to

THE PRIZE: A copy of the Jenni Mence’s superb tome – ‘K-Class – The Hauraki Gulf’s Iconic Racer-Cruiser’ – 360 pages of photographs, illustrations and tales from the skippers and crew that sailed these stunning classic yachts.


  1. Just to correct your intro Alan, I stated the photos were dated 1980 but I was NOT sure of that date. Good idea for a competition and a wonderful prize.
    oops sorry – corrected that. cheers Alan


  2. There were three diesel engined vehicular ferries, both Alison ferries were gone by 1980. The ferry shown here is the Korea which had lost one of her wheel houses when she briefly sank in 1974. The Takapuna berthed inside Korea sank in 1980.


  3. Interesting to see one of the 2 diesel vehicular ferries there. I recall they were the Ewen W Allison and the Alex Allison (after the DSFCo founders).


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