Queenstown Charter Launches

Murata II

Queenstown Charter Launches

The photos above come to us via Brett Tomkies fb and show Brett’s great granddad and grandads Queenstown based charter launches – Kelvin and Muratal II.

Do we know what became of the boats?

6 thoughts on “Queenstown Charter Launches

  1. Muratai II is in the 2022 CYA classic vessel register and is still alive and well. Ray Tomkies also operated Moana on the lake alongside Muratai II. Moana was built by Miller and Tonnage I think.


  2. Hi, to my knowledge Muratai II is still there, near the Kelvin heights golf course. I think she has also appeared on WW before. I’m not sure about Kelvin.


  3. I think the name of the boat on the right in the top image is actually called the MURITAI II. It seems quite clear to me, when expanded. — KEN R

    Both wrong – you spelt it as Muritai II – The great grandson wrote it as Murata II – As per the boat is Muratai II Alan H


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