The Relaunch of Frances


 The 44’, 1906 Arch Logan designed / Logan Brothers built yacht – Frances is one of the lucky classic woody yachts on the Waitemata Harbour, in 2004 she came into the Classic Yacht Charitable Trust fleet and became one of the most regularly sailed yachts in New Zealand. But as we all know wooden boats need regular TCL and Frances returned to the water on Friday after a visit to Wayne Olsen’s yard – Horizon Boats ready for the next 100 years.

Todays’ photos come to us from Angus Rogers, a trustee of CYCT

Link below to the CYCT website where you can read and see more of Frances and the rest of the CYCT fleet.

3 thoughts on “The Relaunch of Frances

  1. Thank you, Alan, for posting this. There’s just a kink in the chain, as it were, that I’d like to straighten out: the Frances wasn’t built for Robert Shakespear (senior), then caretaker on Hauturu/Little Barrier Island, but for a man known in the family as ‘an Austrian storekeeper’, who wanted her for a fishing boat. Robert bought her when she came on the market again in 1908. A point of confusion may lie in the fact that Robert’s son – also named Robert, but best-known as Bob – was an apprentice with Logan Bros in the mid-1900s, and worked on the Frances when she was being built. It was Bob who skippered her for all his long life, until she passed to my father, Anson, in 1975. I realise that this material came from the CYCT website, and I must ask them to correct it. One point that was absolutely spot-on was the marine surveyor’s comment as to well she had been looked after; she was my father’s great love.


  2. 44′? really? when did you become a marina manager?

    From the CYCT website – see below. Alan H


  3. Alan, you mention in this story Neil Forrester of Cockle Bay in relation to the mast work. Do you have contact details for Neil? I need to talk to him about wooden masts for my X Class restoration. Regards, Mike

    On Sun, Jul 31, 2022 at 12:03 AM #1 for classic wooden

    Mike – that was from a link to the CYCT website – you need to ask them, via the contact link on their site. Alan H


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