Steamboats at Hipango Park

Steamboats at Hipango Park 
Back in February Russell Ward was twisting my arm to join him and a group of steamboat enthusiasts on a trip on the Wanganui River for a meet up at Hipango Park. The park is only accessible by boat, and is a tranquil rest point for kayakers and people making a day trip in a boat up the Wanganui River. I can’t remember my excuse but I missed a great weekend in early March.

In the 2nd photo above we see three steamboats rafted up at the upper part just below the steamer Dancer, They are Romany, Janice and Gypsy –all 3 boats once owned or owned by Russell. Russell reports that Janice and Gypsy are now in the hands of devoted owners who obviously enjoy polishing brass and copper. Gypsy has infected more people with steam enginitas (as Pete Culler said “don’t go near it or you’re hooked” than any other boat 🙂

Russell had promised to pen some copy around the weekend, but life got in the way – so today is a photo essay. Photos ex: Russell Ward, Phil Pollero and Chris Rabey


3 thoughts on “Steamboats at Hipango Park

  1. Crafty bugger, Jase. It wasn’t my best side! BTW Gypsy was built for me by Dave Jackson in 1987 when he was at Sulphur Beach: I had the boiler and engine, Romany was built by Alec Baxter in Whangarei and I bought her unfinished from him, John Rea finished her off for me and I engineered her, Janice was built by John Sharps when he was tutor at Carrington and I bought the unfinished hull and she was finished off at Whangateau -I engineered her again. So all three were my boats and it was lovely to see them all together again. You missed out on a great weekend, fearless leader! Maybe next year or at Lake Karapiro for the Armistice Day celebration 6 and 7 November.


  2. had a double take there, who photoshopped out the skipper of Romany… badly. I thought she was just off on a joyride by herself.

    It was me 🙂 Wasn’t a good one of the skipper, who requested some cosmetic surgery but only had time to do a Houdini on him. Alan H


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