Miller and Tunnage – Double Ender – Fisher Lassie

Miller & Tunnage – Double EnderFisher Lassie
If you spend as much time as I do stalking wooden boats on-line you will have noticed the growing trend for work boat conversions, you either love them or not – me I’m in the love them camp. We do not know a lot about todays woody, thanks Ian McDonald, other than she was built by Miller and Tunnage in 1922, out of kauri, is 40’ in length, has a 9’ 10” beam and draws 3’7”. A Gardner 3LW 150hp diesel pushes her along at a comfortable cruising speed of 7 knots. Appears to be very well fitted out.

Can anyone put a name to this woody ?

18-11-2020 Input from Mark Erskine – I was interested to read about the above Miller & Tunnage Double Ender. I agree it’s a real nice boat and was interested to read about her Gardner 3LW engine.

Depending on the fuel and governor / rpm settings, the 3LW engines produce between 36 to 53.5HP from their 4.184 litre capacity.


The “Gardner 150” badge on the Miller & Tunnage control panel is for a 6-cylinder 6LXB Gardner (127 to 150HP) or possibly the 8-cylinder 8LXB (150 to 200)

Gardners are great engines and although the whole range are all low on HP for their considerable size, capacity and weight, they all produce a lot of torque at low rpm and are very reliable.

Although 36 to 54 HP seems a bit low for the size of the boat, I’m guessing the 3LW is a good match for a double ender hull because torque turns the prop rather than HP and the 3LW should also be very economical to operate at 7 knots.

24-11-2022 UPDATE ex Steve’s Coffee Cart – Steve sent in the photos below of Fisher Lassie below, hauled out at the Waikawa hard stand. Check out the new look, it is not often we see people ’taking away’ as compared to adding on. Well done to the owner.

8 thoughts on “Miller and Tunnage – Double Ender – Fisher Lassie

  1. It was a mistake made by me, the broker, as I wasn’t well educated in the way of Gardner engines and that was the information provided to me by the owner. My apologies, you guys seem like great people


  2. Whatever a Gardner 3LW engine is, its not 150 hp. Gardner specs show it to be rated at 42 HP at 1300 rpm for continuous heavy duty and 47 hp at 1500 rpm for light duty.

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  3. That engine must have been uprated & totally redesigned & developed by the Mercedes Benz Formula one racing, engineering team!!!! — Someone must have been puling someone’s leg somewhere along the way — The 1959 3LW is rated at 42 Hp. I think the “specs” as noted for this boat are hilarious. — KEN R

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  4. gorgeous boat… love the 30 liter 3 pot 150 HP Gardner… always wanted one.. so rare ! The photo belies the size of this monster, and the BS of claimant. Was this a sales pitch? Still love the boat .

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  5. Bit too much arseuming on this one Murray.
    Just coz they find an old emblem off a lorry it is presumed that is the hp under the floor.
    I thought boat sharks got the owners to fill out spec sheet for the boat when listing.
    Heaven forbid they fill out any details other than the commission percentage 🤣🤣🤣🤣

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  6. Fisher Lassie.
    Comes complete with an extremely rare find 150hp gardner 3LW !!
    Its laughable that with the interweb just a fingertip away that these “boatshark” brokers who are out thr in droves couldn’t do maybe a touch of fact check ???
    She sold on trademe a while back for sod all dollars.

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