Mystery Launch at Whau Creek

Mystery Launch at Whau Creek
The photo above of the very unconventional launching of a 26’ cabin cruiser in the Whau Creek , New Lynn is big mystery. The people in the photo appear youngish and a tad nervous  🙂

Photo is an old press clipping ex Lew Redwood’s fb, but no dates. We do know she was built by Mr L Knaggs of Sandringham for a Mr J. Harvey of New Lynn.There was mention on the press clipping that the launch was built to an American design.

Anyone able to ID the vessel?

Input below from Nathan Herbert

1 thought on “Mystery Launch at Whau Creek

  1. jus to add to the Whau launching above – all sweet down there Archibald Park/Kelston now has a luv new ramp for u all to play on the brinie – plus for those not so keen there’s new walkways, paths, playareas, picnic tables & yes loads of parking & public toilets so all the whanau can enjoy their respective needs 🙂

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