Out With The Old – In With The New

Out With The Old In With The New

Nathan Herbert’s 1917 Joe Slattery built launch – Pacific, had a serious Jenny Craig session yesterday at Milford – out came the 2758 Ib. Lister (Freedom range) diesel engine, to be replaced with a brand new 992 Ib. 100hp FPT / Iveco (Italian) 4 cylinder diesel. That is a saving of over 800kg, thats like asking the All Black forward pack to get off your boat. I suspect the waterline will need an adjustment 🙂 

As always Jason Prew and The Slipway gang were on hand to help, with expertise and the loan of their Hiab truck to collect the new engine. We look forward to seeing the completed installation and relaid wheelhouse. I suspect we will not see Pacific at the Woody Stillwater picnic next Saturday (26th).

7 thoughts on “Out With The Old – In With The New

  1. Marcus I think you are right, the slow turners are slow burners. (And the old English engines have been troupers for sure…)But I do understand the reason to change them out with modern engines. I’m not there yet.
    There is a lot of life left in my perkins 6.354 yet. And I love sticking my head outside and hearing that reliable constant beat. 🙂


  2. yes – but those old donkeys produced their hp at wonderfully low RPM – hopefully the new one isnt a rev-happy buzz-box


  3. Gordon; that was when she had an effectively ‘dry’ wet jacketed exhaust. It had rotted out badly and years of hot saltwater had destroyed the cast iron freshwater pump. I renovated much of the engine including full rebuild of that pump which was quite an acheivement! Then replaced the whole exhaust system with water- injected Stainless elbow and vetus waterlock.


  4. If the numbers provided are correct there is nothing wrong with the maths; 1766 lb is just a tad more than 800 kg


  5. Will be nice to enjoy martini and pastrami under the new sunroof , no more roast beef and Yorkshire pudding on that boat. The new cocktail cabinet will help settle her to her lines


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