Te Kouma Woody Mooching






Dennis Macconaghie sent in the above collection of photos from Te Kouma Harbour. Dennis had just finished a charter and in his words ‘did a quick flick around the harbour to take a few picks of some local woodys’. Many thanks Dennis also good to see what’s wintering on the Coromandel side.
I have to say the all white double-ender (1st photo) is very salty – anyone able to enlighten us more on her?
Input from Jim Lott
The ketch shown in the photos is Aorangi II, a Bert Woollacott 34 ft design (Ladybird?). She was built by Ron Evans who lived at Bucklands Beach out of full length kauri planks over frames, launched late 60’s. From about 1977 until 2017 she was owned by AAH (Hubert) Schulte of Howick and berthed at HM Bay. Around 1980 the original Kelvin engine was replaced with a Yanmar and centre line shaft.
Always look forward to getting the email from WoodenBoat advising my digital copy of WB is available for download – so pleased to see James Dreyer’s Laughing Lady has made the front cover of the July/August issue – well done James and everyone that rubbed up against her during her restoration.
Screen Shot 2020-06-12 at 5.54.19 AM
WCW Riverhead June2020
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7 thoughts on “Te Kouma Woody Mooching

  1. INTERESTING gallery Dennis are you able to contact owner of old timer ARGO ??
    OR to post yer E Mail on WW to enable contact .. Two at least of your gallery OF great appeal .. TRUSTING you may enable,, MINE is Richard Tosswill


  2. I somehow missed the bit by Jim Lott on Aorangi II (Ron Evans built) thought I recognized her, – I was actually right for once. I went out on her once or twice not long after she was launched. Rons’ son was a friend of mine and his daughter was one of my sisters best friends, I also went to school with Hubert Schulte (whose father owned the mower shop in Howick.) Didn’t know he had owned the boat. He must have bought her when he was about 24/25. Ron (who owned the butchers shop in Beachlands) did a great job on her but she took a while to build. I remember his son Jeff saying that she took so long to build that the design was out of date before he finished.


  3. The bridgedecker second from bottom is on WW somewhere – I sent in a couple of pics a few years back. Can’t remember the name, but I think she was built by Strongman.
    The rather ugly dark blue job further up on the right looks to be built on a Marlborogh Fibreglass hull.
    The sedan style launch just above in the centre is a ferro Hartley Coastal 38. Name looks to be “Cedona”?
    The ketch is fairly obviously a Woollacott, and I’d be a tad peeved if some came past that close dragging that much wake.


  4. Name correction on last post, should be M’sieur built by Bailey and Lowe, originally from wellington, then Bucklands Beach, then Thames. Bucklands owner was Horrie Mau. (this information was from Martin Howson under my post ‘Monterey’. in which I remembered the name incorrectly. There is a photo of her there at Bucklands in the early 70s, along with some more info from Martin.


  5. Double ender is Msuire ex Bucklands beach 60s and 70s Was sitting in the mud looking a bit sad at Thames elsewhere on WW (Thames River Rats). Looks like she’s had a spruce up lately. The ketch looks very much like the one built by a friend of mines’ father (Ron Evans) at their house in Hattaway Ave, Bucklands Beach in the 70s.


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