Arch Logan Dinghy – Silver Fern 

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Arch Logan Sailing Dinghy – Silver Fern 

Chatting with Tinopai (2hrs north of Auckland) based woody Greg Schultz he tells me advancing old age has forced him to make the reluctant decision to pass on one of my most prized possessions.
Greg built this boat about 10 yrs ago off the original 1905 Arch Logan plans (modified by Chapman1921). Construction is clinker lapstrake using 6mm ply with epoxy glued laps which gives a good lightweight watertight hull (originals leaked like sieves and weighed a ton). All other timbers are kauri and totara. He also added 3 buoyancy compartments for added safety (2 side seats & forward compartment all epoxy sealed inside). Greg commented that she has only been sailed approx. a dozen times.

The Silver Fern class (12’6″) was designed as a training boat for teenagers before they moved on to the bigger M class and is therefore almost a miniature ‘Emmie’.
Spars and rigging are s/s and sails by Fife. Pivoting centerboard and rudder for shallow water sailing. Permanent reef lines for shortening sail without coming ashore.

Woodys this is a stunning boat to both look at and sail so if you are frustrated with paying big marina fees and the hassles of organizing crew – maybe now is the time to add a woody to the fleet so that you can sail single handed or take the grand kids for a sail.

Given the lockdown if you are interested it might be best to contact Greg direct at
UPDATE – Read comments section for feedback on the boats provenance.

7 thoughts on “Arch Logan Dinghy – Silver Fern 

  1. Remember silverfern raced herne bay jnrs sail no 23 “Ruahutai” Stewart McMillan 1950 went sailing with owner – married 61yrs!


  2. Saludos Rocinante.
    Los molinos de viento son seguros!
    El helecho plateado es falso.
    Hasta la vista.


  3. Senor Panza.
    Sad to report the recent demise of the famed nemesis of all windmills. The neighbours called the police to his barn last night saying that loud noises and shouting indicated a Covid-19 party underway. When they arrived, all was quiet but soon found his body, buried under a huge mountain of old Sea Spray and Seacraft magazines, with just his legs protruding from beneath the lethal print-slide, and wearing nothing but a pair of fabled ruby slippers.
    Ambulance teams removed the remains, witnessed by a solemn guard of police, standing to attention, truncheons reversed.
    However, while stumbling around the wreckage in the barn looking for where he stashed the oats, I found a hastily scrawled, but unfinished note which may or may not be pertinent. It reads,

    “This looks to be a well constructed and nicely finished clinker-ply sailing dinghy that offers a tip of the hat to the 1934 Silver Fern design after which it was named. All else is fiction and…….”

    Personally I don’t know what to make of it but at least the windmills can rest easy.


  4. Some strange facts have crept in here! I have been waiting for Robin Elliott to come charging in to put the case right on this Easter Sunday. He hasn’t yet, so I’ll do a Sancho Panza.
    Arch Logan designed the Silver Fern class in 1934 for the Herne Bay Junior Yacht Club. It is/was a 12 footer. Arnold (Bill) Couldrey later revised the plans slightly.
    The Silver Fern class came well after the M Class which was first introduced in 1922..
    Somehow this piece has become a bit of a “howler” and screams to be corrected.


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