Arethusa – New Wheelhouse Project

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Arethusa – New Wheelhouse Project
Back in October as part of another story I mentioned that Arethusa was inline for a treat – her Bay of Islands owner, Dean Wright has decided to a build / install a new wheelhouse. Arethusa is almost 100 year old (99) so a perfect centennial present for the 33’ Bob Brown built ex gaff rigged cutter. Arethusa these days is configured in work-boat / launch style.
The new wheelhouse is being made from Iroko by John Gander – John is a shipwright extraordinaire, served his apprenticeship and worked for Careys for many years. 
Included above are the design drawings for the wheelhouse and an existing photo for comparison. 
We will be following this project on WW with much interest – love a good project.
To see / read more on Arethusa, including restoring & installing a Gardner 4LW – more links there

3 thoughts on “Arethusa – New Wheelhouse Project

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  2. I will have to be careful which vessel I row to when I am in the same bay. The profile is very Meola
    You stay with the single mast to help me out
    Love the lines, will be up in the Bay over summer


  3. At last, a traditional boat with a fitting wheel house. No leaning forward glass. Nice to see people with taste for these old boats. Can’t wait to see her.


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