Jelly Stik


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I have been contacted by David Pattemore in regard to his recent purchase of the c.1960’s wooden speed boat. Its previous home was Cambridge and David understand she has had work done on her in the Taupo area.

David commented that from her current condition it would appear that she received a restoration job, 5 > 10 years ago.

David knows very little about Jelly Stik’s past and is keen to learn more – anyone able to help out with confirming the build year, designer / builder, past owners etc? Is there any spots on the boat where David should look for some mark or sign that would indicate boat builder and year?

She is powered by a a 2010 90hp Mercury outboard, the motor has had retro decals added – a nice touch 🙂


7 thoughts on “Jelly Stik

  1. Nice looking boat but not a Jim Young HiFi. The HifFi’s had a different construction system, no frames or stringers in the topsides. They also had quite a pronounced reverse sheer.
    The aft sections and external spray rail look alot like the 15 deg Hartley designs, see the pictures on this link
    but the bow looks quite different.
    I think this boat might have been a collaboration between designer Alf Lock (Alf Pinker always built Spencer designs) and builder Ray Fink. Maybe call Lance Fink at Tristram and see if he can shed any light on the boat


  2. David many of these boats were home built and some were boat builder builds.
    There are few clues that suggest this hull is home built in my opinion or the boat has been refitted by a home builder. The squared corners of the cubby holes in the cabin (behind the dash), the dash panel looks like an attempt to cover up the original. You have a nice boat there for this summer.


  3. Thanks Don and Graeme! It does look like it’s a HI-FI 199. Thanks for the super fast response. It’s fascinating to learn a bit more of its backstory. Any idea if there would be an indication on the boat of year of manufacture?

    Photo of a HI-FI below for reference. supplied by Jason Prew


  4. What a lovely boat for just cruising anywhere. It appears in mint condition.
    I thought it maybe a Hartley, but the bow is not right.
    So then had a look at Jim Young’s powerboat designs. And I am now firmly of the belief it is a HiFi or HiVee design, possibly his 19 footer; HiFi 199 or HiVee 199. Some dimensions would help.–Jim-Young-Powerboats-Account-for-80pc-of-the-Market/-77462?source=google
    I agree that retro detailing on the motor is a smart idea.


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