Jeunesse Awaits A Letter From the Queen


Jeunesse Awaits A Letter From the Queen

John Wright’s woody – Jeunesse, built in 1919 (most likely) by Dick Lang has hit the ton, she turns 100 this year and John is in the process of giving her a wee tart up, which any old girl of this age deserves.

John is a master craftsman’s who has the eye and skills to turn a woody from a good looking woody launch into a stunning classic launch.

Jeunesse measures 39’, with a beam of 11’ and draws 3’. Tucked away down below is a 180hp Hino so when asked she can lift her skirt and dance 😊

You can view a gallery of b/w photos from her early days here

UPDATE 02-03-2020 Photos below of John Wright’s – Jeunesse in the 2020 Auckland Anniversary Day regatta. Sent in by Brett Evans.

Jeunesse 1

Jeunesse 2


6 thoughts on “Jeunesse Awaits A Letter From the Queen

  1. A huge amount of work to get on old boat to this standard. Love the red, the wooden bow rails, the “proper” cabin top rails, and the side lights mounted in traditional screens. Not sure about the transom mounted stern light – too low. It will be obscured at times by wake, waves and tender!
    But JUST AWESOME – I agree.


  2. Beautiful boat, a credit to John. How fitting that a 100 year old boat has a name that means “youthfullness”. Maybe that’s how John feels when he’s out in it.


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