Moby Dick




I was recently contacted by Richard Neighbour who was hoping someone maybe able to help uncover some history on the 8m Jack Morgan launch he has acquired.

Richard is not sure of any history, but has been told it was most likely built / launched mid 1950’s.  She is one of two built by Jack Morgan in Picton. The wheel house was added some time after as was also the pointed bow (he was told the original bow was referred to as a ‘Husky’ bow).
It might be the angle of the camera but the wheelhouse looks VERY top heavy, could be interesting in inclement
Sadly, in his words Richard will be preserving, not restoring her i.e. “kauri is expensive, she is being re skinned in marine ply and glassed over”.
Any help would be much appreciated. 

3 thoughts on “Moby Dick

  1. Wish there were more shots from different angles, but she may be one of two (or more) boats built as water taxis in the late 40s or very early 50s. The scheme never came to fruition and at least two went into private hands. One belonged to a member of the Stace family for several years, and was moored off the Picton launch wharves. The QCYC often used it as a course mark.
    Don’t know about “Husky” bows, but the boats I’m thinking of were very bull-nosed. I understood that the original design was either by Lindsay Lord or cribbed from him. Certainly the original hulls reflected Lord’s influence.
    In their original configuration they were sedan types. As everyone seems to have realised, the ugly, ungainly and probably unseaworthy wheel house shown is certainly a later addition.
    Jack Morgan might possibly have built them, but the (so-called) “fast Morgans” were developed from the whale-chasers.


  2. She looks like an early experiment before he started building the “Fast Morgan” fishing boat hulls. The chines look like those on Foam. Dunno about that house – looks very odd.


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