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The C. Bailey & Sons ex workboat (fishing?) Cobra was built in 1935 and measures 49’11” x 14’1” x 5’10”. 

If you’re wondering about the ‘almost’ 50’ in length – she was constructed 1” short to enable her to only have 2 crew rather than 3 to allow them to go offshore.
Zoom zoom is via a 180hp Gardner 6L3B.
Alan also added that she was converted to pleasure use in the 1970’s by Shorty Sefton and friends.
It states on her trademe listing that she has been prepared by her current owner for a voyage around New Zealand, and now sports a balancing sail.
Baden Pascoe believes the b/w photo below from 1952 is Cobra at Auckland’s Viaduct
Viaduct 1952

11 thoughts on “Cobra

  1. Barry Boric /MVCobra gave me and my family 26 years of very happy and safe boating from trips to Great Barrier to a our yearly trips to the Bay of Islands She was a great boat for our kids growing up so much room inside and out!


  2. She has new owners and is coming to live in Parua Bay, Whangarei We will endwavour to keep him in the same if not better than when she a found us


  3. Jack Taylor stated from his conversations with Charlie Bailey, Charlie all ways said Cobra was his best compromised stern fishing boat, Waiwera was his best short end/ transom boat. I recon any of his creations were stunning. A real artist. Shame some one never got hold of Waiwera and kept her going.


  4. Gardners 2nd known fault is they run too well for too long.
    The 1st fault is only known by people who own one. 😁😁😁


  5. Absolutely right that the 6LBs “rotate,” — the do not “zoom-zoom,” as analogised in the one time sales manager of Rolls Royce’s famous comment, that “Rolls Royce motor cars NEVER break down,”– adding, “they may however occasionally fail to proceed”!!!– KEN R edited by AH


  6. Was known around the viaduct fishing fleet as “greyhound of the gulf”. Typical much admired Bailey fishing boat hull shape underwater.

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  7. I did several fishing trips on her when she was Seine fishing in the gulf, also rescued (tow started) her from another Sanford trawler while she was Hapuka fishing way off the coast.
    Regarded by all as one of prettiest most efficient hulls of her time.
    Rod T.


  8. Grandad Shorty wasnt involved with the conversion but was most certainly involved with the gardner in years following.
    Gil Powel and Ernie Seagar and another whose name eludes me did the conversion from f/v to white boat.
    And I agree about the engine. Gardner diesels ROTATE other high speed zoom zoomers just VIBRATE.


  9. No (?) about it – she was a fishing boat. When she berthed just across the pier from me here she had framed pics “before and after” on the bulkhead above the steps down to the forward accommodation.
    A 6L3B Gardner is not a runabout’s “zoomzoom”, it is a proper boat’s marine diesel engine!Greatly admired her when she was my neighbour under Barry Boric’s ownership – still do.


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