HAPARANDA – A Peek Down Below

HAPARANDA – A Peek Down Below

Well if you believe the NZ Classic Yacht Association constitution – steel construction gets the tick as being eligible to fly the CYA burgee.

So today we feature the 70’ steel schooner – Haparanda, designed and built by John Lundmark in 1960. She under went a refit in 2008. Haparanda is in charter, based in the Viaduct in Auckland so could be a nice retirement business for an old salt. The asking price ($1.3million) might narrow the list of buyers.

With a beam of nearly 15’ she is a fulsome lass and can sleep >12 people. When the sails are all stowed away a 95hp Gardner gets her along at 9+ knots.

Haparanda is a boat that I have walked past many times berthed in the city, now we get to see below decks. Buy a Lotto ticket 😉

3 thoughts on “HAPARANDA – A Peek Down Below

  1. The boat was built by my father Lex Lundmark. It was originally built in Australia and was extended here in Nz. Stainless steel. Was always named Happaranda after the town in Lapland that earlier relatives sailed to Australia from.
    My brother refitted it.


  2. Originally named “Jacaranda“ – built in Australia by the then owner ( name slips me)\ Very clever man. Jacaranda is an Australian tree. I walked in off the street one day and he kindly gave me a guided tour. The year was 1978. Told his wife the haul out would last 18 months as he underwent the work of widening her. When I had the tour it was 7 years or more? Beautiful woodwork – all done by himself. He did things that boat builders advised could`t be done with wood. Long live `Haparanda“.


  3. Major refit? I reckon! She was hauled out in Greenhithe, beside the owner’s house in Tauhinu Road. There she was cut in half athwartships, the ends pulled apart, and the resulting gap filled in with “more boat”, then relaunched at the then Westpark Marina. The changes upset her balance; she was head down and had serious trouble steering, necessitating more surgery.
    I’m not a fan of “laminated rust” as a boatbuilding material either, but if – say – someone took the Earnslaw out of service to use as a private vessel on Wakatipu, would we query her classic status?


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