Olive Rose – Way Back


The ex Auckland ‘Blue Boat’ Auckland Harbour ferry – Olive Rose as made several appearances on the WW site, but only in her ‘modern’ configuration, photo below. Today thanks to the above b/w photo ex Jackson Brown via Lew Redwood we get to the work-boat version. 

Obviously out as a spectator platform for an on the water event (yacht race?) , it would be a pretty safe bet that there wasn’t a personal flotation device for everyone aboard, nor life raft that could handle them. How times have changed.

The gent on the stern of the launch off her bow looks like he is a little perturbed 🙂

Link below to have a peek down below – was recently 4sale, might still be. https://waitematawoodys.com/2017/11/18/olive-rose/

11-06-2022 Input From Dave Stanaway – Also involved in harbour bridge construction, named Olivine back then. 

3 thoughts on “Olive Rose – Way Back

  1. Slight correction Olivene, Olive Rose and Olive Jean were originally owned by Snorky Inglis.


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