Lady Margaret (Dick Lang) SOLD


Now that headline will have a few woodys wondering how they missed out on one of the finest classic launches in New Zealand – well boys you can relax, it was only a model, photos below. Sold at Tuesday nights Cordys on-line auction.Sold for approx $500, 1.1m in length, so a seriously big model.

The condition was a little average in places but if you handed it to a ‘modeller’ and spent +/- $1000 you would have a piece of art worth $4>5,000. So someone got a bargain – I had forwarded the auction link to her owner so maybe they bought her.

Included in the sale was a lot of background Intel and photos – the two older ones above are interesting in terms of who the gents were.

To view just how special LM is – take a peek at this 2013 WW story

2 thoughts on “Lady Margaret (Dick Lang) SOLD

  1. And my wife disagrees with me, says it is a man. It is definitely Nancy in their dinghy. Bryce

    On Thu, 9 Jun 2022 at 12:18 AM, #1 for classic wooden


  2. The “Gent” in the lower picture is Nancy Francis, wife of long long term owner Jimmy Francis. We fondly remember being invited for tea on the Lady, and it was always a posh event, lace tablecloth and silver teapot and China cups. Jim fell overboard one morning when washing the tea leaves out of the silver teapot, but came up still holding the pot! Great memories. Cheers Bryce Strong

    On Thu, 9 Jun 2022 at 12:18 AM, #1 for classic wooden


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