Olive Rose

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Ian McDonald gave me a nudge yesterday about the 50′ Olive Rose being 4sale on trademe, my initial reaction was that I was sure I had covered her story previously but a quick WW search, said no.

She has just popped up on tme & if you believe the story – must be sold in the next 2 weeks. Reviewing the above photos & the bidding to date, she would have to be the cheapest waterfront accommodation packages in Auckland. Her owner has spent a lot to money on her, $30k alone on the 6LX Gardner 127hp engine.

Built in 1910 she must have had a good life as a commercial boat but her current configuration is all about cruising / live-a-board. She is built like the proverbially brick out-house & she should be able to do laps of NZ.

Check out the listing for more details.

Anyone able to comment on her previous life?




8 thoughts on “Olive Rose

  1. The Olive Rose is the sister ship to the Olive Enne, Olive Jean, Rangi 1 Rangi 2 and the Marie. They were all of the Blue Boats Co., that l regularly travelled in to Islington Bay from 1936 to the late 50s. The Rose was skippered by Miles Anderson. A little information.


  2. The last time she was on Trade Me her build date was 1924, which is correct, although she was first registered in the British Ship Registry in 1925. If the trend continues the next time her build date will be 1894 when Snorky Inglis, who built her, was in Standard 6 at Devonport Primary School.


  3. Spent lots of time on Olive Rose in school holidays as both of my brothers skippered on the blue boats. Also, to my knowledge, my brother was one of the last skippers on the Waitemata of the Jane Gifford (now based at Warkworth). Spent lots of holidays on her as well.


  4. Hi !!
    Olive Rose for many years was part of the Blue Boats [Auckland Launch and Tow Boat Company]
    Kia Orana from the Cook Islands


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