Swanson Sedan Launch

Screen Shot 2017-11-13 at 1.39.01 pm

Screen Shot 2017-11-13 at 1.39.14 pm

Swanson Sedan Launch

This rather cute 26.24’ sedan launch was designed / built? by Swanson in 1969. She has a 9’10” beam & draws 3’3”, so a rather fat bottomed old girl. Her trademe listing says she has an inboard diesel engine but that’s about all in terms of specs. It does tell us that she comes with a fenders, boat hook & clock 🙂

Picton is her home, any Southern woodys able to shed some light on her?


4 thoughts on “Swanson Sedan Launch

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  2. Mark Jarvis is right, though I don’t know this little ship. She has all the looks of Bob Swanson’s work, and if she originally had that headlight in her stem-head, she was an earlier Swanson. Later boats such as Palomino and Marguerite didn’t have it.


  3. Yes I have known this boat 60 or so yrs. It spent a lot of time in Paremata harbour and never left its mooring. Its the smallest and dinkiest Swanson I know of but is classicly Swanson and very pretty. In her early days she had a trade mark Swanson detail but now obliterated. There was a headlight mounted flush into the stem just under the bow roller.
    The motor is 4 cyl Fordson deisel. Largely original interior and needs some TLC.


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