Olive Rose + Woodys Kawau Island Weekend

Earlier this year , woody – Paul Drake sent me the above photo of the 1925, Snorky Inglis built launch Olive Rose. For many years she was part of the Auckland ‘Blue Boat’ fleet, run by Auckland Launch & Tow Boat Company. The photo above is most likely from those days, at a guess there is 75+ passengers on-board, and no sign of a life jacket 😦

She last appeared on WW back in November 2017, where we got to take speak down below. WW link below. Lots of chat and details in the Comments Section.https://waitematawoodys.com/2017/11/18/olive-rose/

Hopefully Olive Rose is still cruising the waters off Waiheke Island – can anyone comfirm? 


Get the pen out and circle these dates – October 23rd > 25th – Woodys Long Weekend Cruise to Kawau Island (Labour Weekend) – Sunday evening dinner / gathering at Kawau Boating Club. Also a possible dinghy trip up the river to the Matakana Markets on Saturday morning – tbc

3 thoughts on “Olive Rose + Woodys Kawau Island Weekend

  1. Re Olive Rose: yes she sure is still cruising the waters of Waiheke. I just snapped a pic of her at Matiatia a moment ago and will send it to you Alan.


  2. If you leave early on the Friday for Kawau you can witness one of the great sights of Auckland yachting-the coastal classic start.


  3. There was a post on Facebook on the Tauranga history page someone looking for old photos of her recently. My dad owned her in the early 2000’s and all the history and old photo’s stayed on board. I last seen here cruising the Gulf, Thames coast side a couple of years ago.


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