Valezina – Ready To Sail Away This Christmas

VALEZINA – Christmas Afloat For $34,500

The owners of Valezina acquired her as a 2020 post lock-down project and sent 6 mths full time restoring the yacht to a better than new standard.
Valezina is a 1939 Colin Wild design, known as the ‘Val Class’, most of the sister ships sported ‘Val’ names e.g. Valkyrie, Valderon and Valhalla. She was built in 1957 at the Salthouse yard in Bayswater, Auckland.

At 27’ she comfortably fits into the big little category – everything about her – looks, volume, sailing performance says Valezina is a serious classic yacht from one of the best combinations (Wild / Salthouse) we had. And she is built of gold – double skinned kauri, carvel planked.For when the wind is absent, a 10hp Yanmar inboard is there to help out.

Of course she is for sale, you will have worked that out by now 🙂 her owners are now oversea reconnecting with another of their passions. So the instructions are – sell the yacht.

In addition to the shiny stuff (sanding, painting and varnishing) Valezina is the recipient of – new mast & boom etc. / all new standing & running rigging / new tracks, blocks & winches  / new electrical including batteries and lighting / new safety gear / new plumbing including head and holding tank / new galley / new Raymarine auto heim and a lot more.And as an added bonus – her Westhaven marina may be available to rent.

To learn more about Valezina’s  – email
Below is a selection of photos from her early days + details on the Val Class and some interesting event entry paperwork. Click on the blue link at the bottom to view.

Hobson Bay dinghy lockers 1959
Skipper looking into sun

8 thoughts on “Valezina – Ready To Sail Away This Christmas

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  2. Valezina was built by the Salthouse yard at Bayswater as spec but my father John Buttle bought her before completion. I remember the launching and the usual difficulties dealing with the tide at that location.
    The name came about because Dad was searching for a word starting with Val as was the custom and was struggling as all seemed taken. He was opening a bottle of wine with a corkscrew when he noticed it said Valezina Butterfly Corkscrew on it. The patented design was named after the inventors daughter who was named after the Valezina butterfly. She is a lovely little vessel which our family outgrew and Dad bought Patiki in 1961 and then built Achernar in 1966.

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  3. The last B&W photo in the oval frame was taken 28 January 1958, Anniversary Day Regatta, by Arthur Buchanan. There is a large collection of his photos of Auckland yachts over many years on the Auckland Public Libraries website on line collections. A number of other Val yachts as well.


  4. Thanks Murray & Terry – you’re both on the money. She is 2 ‘skin’ – inner layer diagonal and outer layer carvel planked (definition of carvel being horizontal laid butt jointed boards as opposed to clinker). That’s my understanding of the construction methodology but I’m no expert and am totally open to being corrected. Either way, she’s a strong and sturdy little hull with plenty of character and a pleasure to sail. But as current custodians of Valezina we’re biased 😁
    Thanks again for your comments


  5. Exactly, how some of the other later Val boats were like Valderee (spelt wrong in the article)
    This is how many of our K’s and similar aged classics were built and in my opinion is infinitely preferable to carvel as time will prove


  6. she could be 1 diagonal and 1 fore and aft.I think lidgards build some launchs that way around the 50s


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