Pirate – Sailing Sunday

Pirate being built at Little Barrier Is.

Under construction c.1903 at Little Barrier Island

Pirate Port Fitzroy GBI

Port Fitzroy GBI – May 1903

Pirate in cave

Big cave – NE Coast – April 1904


Ilex & Pirate Port Fitzroy

Ilex & Pirate at anchor – Port Fitzroy GBI – May 1903

Pirate Ashore

June 27 1907

Pirate wrecked again


Pirate wrecked & final resting place

Final resting place

PIRATE – Sailing Sunday

Pirate was built by Robert H. Shakespear in a shed alongside his house on Little Barrier Island c1903.

Shakespear was a talented boat builder & worked for the Logan Bros and was involved in Ilex (seen in the above photos) and built Frances at Logans’ yard as a close twin to Victory.

He also had the Logan built clinker keeler Pandora to service his little farm on Little Barrier where he was custodian for a while.

Sadly, Little Barrier was not a friendly home to Pirate & she was ‘wrecked’ twice, the first time during a hard SW gale in June 1907, she was repaired but the second in July 1908 was fatal & she was winched ashore & put to rest under the tress on the Island.

(Photo credits & details – J Russell via the Hocken Collection, University of Otago, Nathan Herbert & Harold Kidd)

The 1895 C&W Bailey Yacht IDA For Sale

Ida resides in Australia these days & her owners have advised that they are interested to hear from anyone that would consider purchasing her (& hopefully repatriating her home).

Harold Kidd has commented on WW that IDA was built by C. & W. Bailey for the Jagger brothers and Frater and launched on 21 December 1895. She was a contemporary and competitor to the other 5 rater of that season, the Logan Bros’ MOANA. You can also view/read an excellent article on Ida by Harold in the November issue of Boating NZ (pages 148>151), on sale now.

Interested parties can contact Catherine Shirley  cathshirley@gmail.com

You can read more about Ida here.


UPDATE: Photos below ex Harold Kidd of IDA hauled out at Noakes yard in Sydney last week.


4 thoughts on “Pirate – Sailing Sunday

  1. Would be lovely to see IDA back home, given a complete restoration, and seeing her bouncing along to her original marks in the Waitemata.


  2. Sorry, I made an error in the INONIE post about PANDORA. She was built by Logan Bros. It was PIRATE I was thinking about…..just too arrogant to check my own database. I’ve always confused the two yachts in my mind…..failure of the synapses?
    BTW I’ve sent Alan a current pic of IDA hauled out at Noakes yard in Sydney last week. She looks pretty good.
    Any takers? A syndicate would work very well.


  3. As a child my mother who was related to Shakespears took me up to visit. I remember seeing Frances on the hard at Te Whanga.
    The main house was very interesting with a hall lined with animal heads spears and native shields. There must have been at least 50 cats living under the house which the old aunts (with boys names) fed them predominantly on pumpkin. In the large dining room was a huge picture of a square rigger sailing through the Whangaparaoa Passage.
    My mother had a few photos of Bob and the Pirate
    Great memories


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