Lady Carole

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I was recently contacted by Nelson boat builder / restore Peter Murton who was seeking some info on Lady Carole that he has in his shed at present for some TLC.

Unfortunately, Lady Carole has suffered some electrochemical / rot issues which Peter is correcting along with a few shoddy repairs she has incurred in the past.

Nathan Herbert has told me that at one stage Lady Carole was owned by his father’s uncle & was based at Whangaroa.

There is speculation that she may have been a Couldrey design, but Harold Kidd commented that she does not appear on Couldrey’s list of designs, but she could well have been inspired by his designs.

So woodys – anyone able to tell us more about Lady Carole?

Make sure you check out WW on tomorrow, there is a great post on the yacht Pirate


3 thoughts on “Lady Carole

  1. I can confirm that this boat was owned by my Dad, Pat Smith. My Grandfather, Albert Cyril (Chappie) Baldwin, owned it before Dad, and left it to Dad in his will to remain in the family. Sadly my brother sold it some time after my Dad died in 1984.
    I don’t know when my grandfather purchased it but I do remember family holidays on it when I was a child, from sometime in the 1960s. Pop (Chappie) moored it at Waipapa Landing, and I do recall during one flood that it was underwater, I think from the mooring ropes not sliding on the poles. It did have a Grey Marine Petrol motor at that stage. In 1972 or 73 when Pop died and left it to Dad, he took it to Whangaroa where it was moored. I remember one occasion when Dad was filling the boat at the end of the jetty in front of the Marlin Hotel, the fumes from the petrol wafted into the cabin and were ignited by the pilot light on the fridge. Dad’s legs were badly burned in that incident. The motor was replaced at some stage later with a diesel but it was never the same. Many many happy family memories involved with this boat, and if it were ever for sale, I would love to know. Di Maxwell


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