Alwyn – A peek down below

Screen Shot 2017-03-14 at 4.19.38 PM

ALWYN – A Peek Down Below
I’m told Alwyn was built by Arch Logan in c.1911/12. These days she is moored in Picton & owned by Derek Stocks, who bought her about 6 months ago at Taupo, & took her to Wellington by road, & sailed her to Picton. She may have spent less than 2 years on the lake. (photos were sourced by ken ricketts)

You can see more of her exterior / read more about her provenance at the link below  – unlike a lot of classics that claim Logan DNA , this one is the real deal 🙂

3 thoughts on “Alwyn – A peek down below

  1. ALWYN was at Taupo for a lot longer than two years. Can’t be sure but more like 20. First sighted and photographed on mooring at Te Moenga Bay (near Acacia Bay). Then at Motuoapa Marina for many years. I always stopped at Motuoapa when travelling to and from my home in Wellington to feast my eyes on her. Strangely, i never saw her at sea. Latterly she was in the Taupo Boatharbour (because the Motuoapa Marina is being re developed). Until she left for Picton, it was possible to view three Logan’s at once in the Boatharbour. The other two are MAXIE and MOERANGI. The other Taupo Logan, SEVERN, is on a mooring at Three Mile Bay.


  2. She’s only a phone call to JJ at exclusive boat haulage and she can be back in town.
    He’s on his way to Wellington now with a full truck. Back hauls are good deals.


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