Mystery Launch 16-03-2017

te Papa Boat coming into dry dock, July 1958, New Zealand, by Eric Lee-Johnson

Mystery Launch 16-03-2013

Today’s launch in the above photo (by Eric Lee-Johnson) is ex Te Papa & shows a boat coming into a dry dock. Nathan Herbert sent it in to ww & all we know is the photo is dated July 1958.

So woodys – any one recognize the boat or any of the people? There some distinctive features on shown so hopefully we can put a name to the ‘face’ 🙂

6 thoughts on “Mystery Launch 16-03-2017

  1. I was rebuilding LOLOMA in my backyard in Devonport when one old shellback who had a blue ribbon reputation locally as a marine historian walked in and told me that she had been owned by a couple of brothers. They fell out and decided to saw her in half. This explained the damage to her diagonal skin on the starboard beam and the twist in her counter, you see.
    I actually believed that for a while until I found she had been tee-boned on the starboard side and sunk in Whangarei in 1914.
    He loudly disapproved of my method of repair, basically two more skins, epoxied on (which did the trick admirably).
    I expected that excommunication and a plague of locusts would follow.


  2. This boat is elsewhere on the site, under two names 😉

    Experts indeed! One of my favourites when doing the Lucinda job(she’s a sound boat) was from an apparent derelict who actually said with no provocation, that “Ha ha ha mate, your rotten old thing will be long gone while that(a $1 reserve worm-filled home abandoned build) will still be around.” But yes, most things overheard or spoken directly were “look at these dreamers”, “baby poo coloured paint” etc etc! But I do prefer to speak to them rather than let them self-qualify their opinion. Sometimes you get really interesting people who have owned or known the boat in the older days even.


  3. I wish there was a technique to keep away the visitors when you’re not there, the ones who think it’s ok to climb on board and then boast that they’ve visited and looked around to you and your friends, Every visitor is an “expert” on their own pet topic… The trick is sorting the useful advice from the chaff. I have my small collection of people I listen to and the people i just nod and carry on 🙂


  4. Yep every boat yard in auckland has their resident “rent a crowd experts” on site.
    Always ready to comment with their fully qualified “sewing machine mechanic/house builder/rocket scientist” mate next to them.
    Jeez that’s a big prop or jeez u got a big job there mate are the most common lines we here. Or if your real lucky you get the resident tradesmen with attitude issues and their “just burn it line”.
    Best technique to date to keep the rabble away when we are on the hardstand is a 57kg grumpy/racist/loud dog on a good length lead attached to the rudder. Works a treat.


  5. Looks to me as if she’s already on a trolley-cradle on a slipway, and already being either scrubbed or anti-fouled – pic is too dark (on my screen, anyway) to see what the bloke under the bow is using.
    Wild guess at her – “McLeod”???
    At least one of those characters watching from the jetty will be going; “Mmmmm. I wouldn’t have done it that way” 🙂


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