Comet Speedboat



COMET Speedboat

I was recently contacted by Tim Dudek who had brought an old speedboat from the back of Makarau to the north of Auckland. Tim was told by the previous owner it was built in 1927 and goes by either the name or make of ‘Comet’ – unfortunately the previous owner knew little about her history.
She is made of kauri and Tim is currently restoring her & has his fingers crossed his father is gathering an interest 😉

Hopefully Tom will keep us in the loop on the rebuild, in the mean time, can any of the woodys help out with her history ?

18-03-2017 – Input from John Bullivant  –  I have the drawing below from the D.N.Goodchild  (Penn USA, website (no longer running it seems) of a boat which looks like it, the plan being named ‘Comet’. If it is a boat built from this 40s? plan it would be a pity as a plan could have been obtained for around $20 to work from. Not sure if the site is ever coming back as the chap who ran the company which reproduces these old plans has apparently been ill, sold his house and may have given it up. I bought a set of plans for my Schock 15ft day-sailer and a number of others from him a while back and they were very professionally done.

5090 COMET


7 thoughts on “Comet Speedboat

  1. Hi, I’ve just seen your comments, any chance you are still in contact with Russel? It would be great if he had some pictures and input.


  2. Until recently you could obtain a plan for a boat design from the 40s (I think) which was named ‘Comet’ from D.N Goodchild in Penn USA for about $20, which looks very much like this boat, but designed for an inboard. I have a sketch from the site which I will send in .


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