Mystery Launch 18-03-2017

Te papa Coastal community landscape scene, 1950s, New Zealand, by Eric Lee-Johnson

te Papa Man at work on boat, 1950s, New Zealand, by Eric Lee-Johnson.

Mystery Launch 18-03-2013

Today’s launch in the above photos (by Eric Lee-Johnson) are 2 more ex Te Papa & show a boat hauled out for maintenance. Nathan Herbert sent them in to ww & again all we know are that the photos are dated c.1950’s. I’m assuming that the building in the background is the  hotel  at Whangaroa – but i could be very wrong ??

So woodys – any one recognize the boat ? There is a mix of styles & decades on display so hopefully we can ID her & the location 🙂

PS Do not miss Mondays story, its a cracker, featuring one of the Far Norths legends + 30 odd stunning photos 😉

4 thoughts on “Mystery Launch 18-03-2017

  1. Thats the house which was behind the Boyd gallery, and the boat is on the slip in front of Joe’s house.


  2. that is certainly not the “Blue Marlin” Whangaroa hotel, but it does look like the Whangaroa harbour


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