MV Mavis




Mavis started life back 1918 as a Lanes 40′ trawler. Fast forward to 2004 when she had a  major refit that included –  hull refastened and splined, new decks and cabin, new  John Deere 150HP engine and re-wired. Given that she was recently in MNZ survey, she is very highly spec’ed and looks like she could handle just about anything that mother nature could throw at her. Thanks to Ian McDonald for the heads up re the trademe listing.

Do we know anything more about her past?

09-04-2023 Update ex Alistair Rowe – I spotted Mavis on a mooring in Whatamango Bay – roughly 8km East from Waikawa.- looks to have found a good home.

Yesterdays story on the Classic Launch Parade just got better – more photos ex Jason Prew added, scroll down to view.

8 thoughts on “MV Mavis

  1. I remember MAVIS as a younger boy in havelock marina she was brought by my best friends father Ed Knowels he owned a small booking shop doing charters hiring Canos, he did a big refit back in the late 90. I’d love to see pictures of what she once looked like the past 100 years.


  2. I have bought wonderful Mavis my brother Robert Martin Gendall’s 99 year old wooden boat .
    She will have a new keel and complete overhaul this autumn in Havelock to be ready for summer 2018.
    If anyone has photos of her original cabin house I would be very interested to see them.
    I am continuing my brothers dream.
    He died in August 2016 at 60 years of age far too young for such an amazing man.


  3. Just a shame she has her wheel house glass leaning forward, This style does not belong on these old boats!


  4. She was still a passenger launch “When I were a lad” – definitely one of Ernie Lane’s


  5. MAVIS was built by Ernie Lane at Picton for M.T.H. Steele as a passenger vessel. MOT says she was built in 1919 and that she had a 1918 Sterling 12hp 2 cylinder 5.5″ x 7″ engine and had dimensions of 39’10” x 7’8″ x 4′. She was licensed for 20 pax and Frederick Wiese was her engineer.


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