Valhalla A Peek Down Below




Valhalla featured on ww back in April of this year but we had no interior photos, Ken Ricketts has just emailed me the above. You can read more about her & her past, including photos at this link. Enjoy 😉

23-12-2016 Update – photo below (ex Ken Ricketts) suggests that she was named Valhalla 1 when launched but the plate looks newer than the 1960’s so the jury is still out.



4 thoughts on “Valhalla A Peek Down Below

  1. Have sent off an image to Alan of the plaque on the deck beam, taken today, confirming her official name is VALHALLA “I.” — KEN R
    (photo added.AH)


  2. VALHALLA was bought at the end of last month (November) by Peter Busfield is now kept at Gulf Harbour. She is in absolutely fabulous, almost original condition, except for the flying bridge which was added a great many years ago. She even has the grey painted exterior of the cabin top, she had on the main cabin, in the Colin Dennes era).

    The Ford Dover has completed 9068 hours since it was installed in 1986 as seen on the image of the tachometer — KEN R


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