Valhalla 2016


details & photos from Kazik Jascia, Sea Spray magazine (Aug 1964) Ken Ricketts & B Worthington. edited by Alan H

Valhalla was designed & built by John Gladden of Milford & launched in May 1964 for Tony Bullock, as a sport game fishing boat.

She is 40 ft x 12ft. 6 x 3 ft. 6 draft, could sleep up to 7 people, & at date of launching was powered by a John Andrew converted, 100 hp, naturally aspirated, 6 cyl Ford diesel. She also had a 9 hp Lister auxiliary, for trolling, on the port side,  at the time of launching. Currently she s powered by a 130hp Ford Dover engine.

Her original cruising speed was 9.5 knots (now 8.5) at 1950rpm through & “Snow-Nabsted” hydraulic gearbox fitted with Morse controls, with a 2 to 1 reduction to a 3 bladed Henley 24 x 16 propeller

Her hull is single skin kauri carvel construction, with varnished solid teak coamings & decks & hardwood timbers.

Given that she spent time in charter there must be some photos & stories out there so if you can contribute to details on her past, email to

9 thoughts on “Valhalla

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  2. She’s presently in the private waterway, here at Gulf Harbour.
    I hope to get some images of her tomorrow if the weather’s ok, & grab a chat with the owner, when I can catch him aboard. — KEN R


  3. Great that we both have such a vivid recall on this tiny little snippet, from all those years ago Nat. — I still recall it, just as if it were yesterday, — heaven knows why. –cheers K


  4. Correct. He was much aggrieved at being beaten to registering her. All of that group of friends were British registered and flew the plain blue ensign.


  5. I m glad you haver confirmed her as the Col Dennes VALHALLAH Nath, I thought it had to be her, but the name has deteriorated through the years.
    Col C., told me, a great many years ago, that he went in to register her as a British Ship, & discovered that just one day before, that Spencers has registered their VALHALLA, so not to be thwarted or outdone, he registered her as VALHALLA ONE, which I suppose would have to be her full name. — KEN R


  6. Sweet lines. Sold to Ron Martin from Palmerston North about 1966, barely left the marina under his ownership.


  7. Stories a-plenty, she was owned for a large part of her early life and cruised extensively until the (late?) 80s by my friend Col Dennes who passed away just last year at 97 years. She had a reasonable sized mast and no flying bridge.


  8. She’s a nice looking ship.. That’s the kinda boat that doesn’t need a fly bridge. With all those nice big windows. It was moored right next to us in Milford for a wee while. Carjack is a good chap too!


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