Mystery Launch Quiz – 29/04

Mystery Launch 29-04

Mystery Launch Quiz – 29/04
Win a copy of Robert Brooke’s book – ‘Beautiful Boats’

Quiz / Win cool stuff time again 🙂

I have another copy of Roberts book up for grabs, so the first woody that can supply the boat name, designer, builder, year & photo location for the above launch will win a copy of Robert’s just released book ‘ Beautiful Boats’. The first reply in the ww comments section with all 5 answers correct – wins. This will be the 3rd of the four copies of the book I have to give away. Previous winners were  – Bruce Tantrum & Martin Howson.

Some Background On The Book

Robert has been collecting classic yacht designs for over 50 years, amongst his collection is work from our most talented & recognized designers – Arch Logan, Chas Bailey, Charlie & Alex Collings, Colin Wild, Bert Woolacott, Bob Stewart, Des Townson, Alan Wright & Robert’s father – John Brooke.
From his collection Robert has chosen 50 & redrawn each design, tracing off the original drawings to present them in a similar format. To add to the wow factor, Robert used the drawing equipment & ships curves that were once used by either Arch Logan, Charlie & Alex Collings or his father.

The 105 page, A4 size book allocates 2 pages to each vessel with specs & photo/s on the left & the drawings – hull lines, profile, half breadths, sections, diagonals & sail plan on the right hand page (refer Rainbow drawing example below). Its a must have in all serious woodys library.

Robert has very generously donated 4 copies of the book to waitematawoodys so over the next few weeks I will be giving them away as prizes. In addition I also have a framed 380 x 300 rendered copy of one of the Beautiful Boats. I have not decided yet how this will be ‘won’, details soon.

There are thousands of ww followers out there so do not get your hopes up on winning a copy 🙂 I would suggest you visit Boat Books at 22 Westhaven Drive, Westhaven, Auckland & grab a copy for yourself, cost is $60. For out of towners or those who refer the web – copies are available on line at
Its a very limited print run & Boat Books are the sole outlet. Boat Books also have framed copies of the prints for sale.

ps I have also held back posting this on ww until 6.30am to give those woodys that enjoy 8hrs sleep a night a chance to win 🙂

 A little bonus today – if you can put up with the corny accent – this video of the Lake Tahoe Concours D’Elegance 2015 show features some amazing classic powerboats – the favorite for me being Henry Ford’s 1923 33′ Hacker Craft that was named ‘Evangeline’ after his girlfriend 😉 She is powered by a WW1 V12 Liberty aircraft engine.


13 thoughts on “Mystery Launch Quiz – 29/04

  1. A quick update- Laughing Lady’s looking very smart. She’s spent long periods of time under drop cloths due to time out caring for my mother as she makes a transition into a home. ( that’s life so I’m not shy to say) James has told me some very cool story’s about some recent research, I’m sure he shall let the woodys in on it. Photos of her progress in the workshop shall appear on the Whangateau Traditional Boat Yards new weblog shortly. Thanks Alan.


  2. Yes and whilst in painting mode it should give you inspiration, Milford may not notice you leaving if she was painted as a jumping mullet


  3. I think my idea of mystery might differ from others’ :p

    This was not her usual guise but I love the livery!


  4. Just a wild and probably inane guess….would that be Rewa in the background? She was moored in the harbor for some time and used for coal storage.


  5. Nice vid. Evangeine has been my desktop wallpaper for the last 3 months. Just stunning. It’s a pity they didn’t give any audio of the boats running.


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