Kailua Refit – The Final Chapter





Kailua Refit – The Final Chapter

Regular visitors to ww will have followed Kailua’s winter haul out at the Nautigue boat yard at West Harbour. Not long after new owners Jacquie & Stephen Langton purchased Kailua off Graham Guthrie, the decision was made to give her an extensive make-over. Stephen choose the Nautique yard to complete the work & reports that with the team of Ben & Neil the craft work and project management was great & he  only has good things to say about them – he joked to me that in the past he has built a few houses, & it’s hard to rave about your builders at the end of the project, but with these guys its been the exception.
Kailua was designed & built in 1960 by Bob Salthouse, when launched she was named – Lady Beryl.

Kailua was relaunched in late November 2016 & her first public outing was the CYA Xmas BBQ weekend at Patio Bay.
Enjoy the photos – you can view more on the project at the link below.

5 thoughts on “Kailua Refit – The Final Chapter

  1. Thanks for the coverage Alan. It’s fair to say the new owners are a bit nervous about the Arid Island Trip now we’ve polished the old Kailua up. There might need to be a few new rules to follow. Definitely no bleeding the kahawhai.


  2. All I can Say is WOW!!!

    Kailua looks fabulous! Well doneStephen and Jacquie. I hope that we are still allowed to borrow her to make our trip to Arid Island in March.

    Thank you G.G. for forwarding the make over.

    KInd regards to you and Jackie. Adelene and I look forward to catching up with you both over Christmas.



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