Miss Ponsonby

to begin with


photos ex Charlie North. details ex Harold Kidd

In early May, Charlie North commented on ww that he was currently rebuilding a replica of Miss Ponsonby after acquiring the original boat some years back. Harold chipped in with details on her (below) & I invited Charlie to share the project with us. If you have a good look at some of Charlie’s photos you will see he is a serious collector – I can spot a vintage car, classic motorbike & what a appears to be an E-Type Jag. Remember to click on the photos to enlarge.

Firstly some history – Miss Ponsonby was built by Sam Granros in late 1932 or early 1933. She took part in the Masport Cup races on the Tamaki River in 1933 nominated by Ponsonby Cruising Club. Her racing number was S21. Her inboard engine was a 100hp Hall-Scott. She had a long handicap and was more a fast runabout than a racer.

Sam Granros was a Finn who came to NZ in 1904. He built a lot of speedboats and launches in St. Mary’s Bay and at 12 Hackett Street, Ponsonby, for example,Hilma, Nurmi, Alma, Ramona, Ramona Jr. (1930), Cygnet I – II – III, Esther, & Miss Ponsonby, all go fast outfits.
Sam later moved to Oneroa and died in 1946.

I’m sure Charlie will add some more details re the engine etc.




10 thoughts on “Miss Ponsonby

  1. Ha! Yup, that’s where it all started. I actually started the build in the year following 7th form. I’ll be in touch Kieran – would be great to catch up.


  2. Nice work Charlie! You have done well, must be the St Pauls woodwork classes aye! If you come down for the Rotoiti Parade yell out, always got space.


  3. A few notes: Miss Ponsonby has been an ‘ongoing’ father-son project that we (Dad and I) have been working on for some time. The old man is the serious collector, I’m just an ammeter! The shed, and contents are all his works. He restores old cars and bikes as a “full time hobby.” What a life aye!


  4. Thanks. We opted for a Ford flathead V8 in lieu of the missing Hall Scott. Haha! Yes, floor space is at a premium in this shed. Creative shelving systems are essential!


  5. amazing effort!! I hope to see her at the 20th Rotoiti parade in February!!


  6. Hall Scott engine -real classy. Hope it survived somewhere. Nice job, Charlie. Yep, vintage cars, and even moderns, are really useful for stacking boat parts on. That is an interesting looking raceabout beside the E Type…..


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