13 thoughts on “Arawa

  1. Hey guys Arawa the boat above witch was built in 1909 for a family on waiheke from there I don’t no where it went but ended up at span farm where I brought it the cabin and decks have been extremely moderfied but the hull is still there with not one join in the planks
    And after it been out of the water for many years I finished it off and it has been in the water now for 5 years and lives at sandspit I’ll get some photos of it now soon and put them up if any one wants to no more fell free to flick me an email grantringrose202@gmail.com
    Grant Ringrose

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  2. Interesting as somebody on ww also said Esme was at span farm. That however is not Esme, but a name unknown to me boat in reasonably original spec, save for the possibility of having started life as a d-front in the early days.


  3. They are! I bought a new copy of trademe. It sparked my interest in Tawaki from the pictures of it in their. I had scanned this picture of Arawa from the book just to show the style of cabin I WAS thinking of for my double ender. It now turns out I am doing up the double ender to donate to the Mokau Museum.


  4. Boat three I believe is Esma,The rear bit was added the owner Ron Kelly in about the eighties he sold her to the later Bob Norris,I don’t know when he sold her.


  5. Damn good read in our hours of despair at the dearth of wind out there this year. Well when you want it it ain’t there. And most likely it ain’t gonna blow you were you wanted. These wakas are better at pointing I suspect.


  6. I think copies of our Vintage NZ launch book are still available at Boat Books for a modest, if well-deserved, price.


  7. The only ARAWA I know of is the one my grandparents came to NZ in from Ireland, in 1888. Doesn’t quite fit. Judith Le Clerc Wallath


  8. I sighted a launch at Span Farm about four years ago which was reputedly ARAWA but if so she had been much modified. The script ARAWA had been carved into the hull and had been revealed during the sanding back. She was being used as a live aboard at the time.


  9. She is well documented in Harold and Robin’s Vintage Launches (page 55),being a well proportioned Logan design and build for the O’Brien family of Waiheke. On her cabin top appears to be her anchor rode which has been left out to dry. Personally I never liked the “coir” anchor warps, they held water and were stiff when wet and took up so much room. I like the opening port in her screen on a quite day. She is just missing the steadying sail often set on her pole mast.


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