Mystery Launch at Opua

Selwyn Deeming  3

Mystery Launch at Opua
photo ex Deeming family collection via Gavin Bedggood

The above photo was taken at the Deemings yard at Opua. We are not sure of the year or the ID of any of the boats. Any woods able to help out?

And a wee bonus – click the link below to view the latest (May>June 2016) issue of the USA on-line Classic Yacht magazine, lots of woody photos & stories in this issue 😉

Screen Shot 2016-06-02 at 8.48.55 PM

04-06-2016 Photos of Arline ex B Worthington via Ken Ricketts

10 thoughts on “Mystery Launch at Opua

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  2. Yip mum was telling me that the Arline was a well known Whangaroa boat. She is easily searchable running charters now from Paihia as I have known her growing up.


  3. Correction !! should read AEC diesel.{Jack Strongman was Abe’s brother inlaw


  4. Hi !!
    Tend to agree with Nathan my mothers cousin Abe Bronlund I think owned her in the 50’s running
    day fishing trips out of Auckland. While in Abe’s ownership the petrol engine [can not remember the make] was replaced with a ACE Diesel the re engine was carried out by Jack Strongman and his sons Cyril and Nigel of Coromandel.
    Should the Mystery vessel be Arline the last time I saw her was in Whangaroa many years ago.


  5. If the portholes are a TAD smaller, I couldn’t differ that hull from Malaita. Alan has a pic of her on Opua marina.


  6. Sadly don’t know the name of the boat — looks fascinating.
    However with the height of the “Bridgedeck/wheelhouse, I would speculate that she has, or had, a very high heavy duty diesel engine, which to go under the floor as would be necessary because of the floor area, could require a bridgedeck of that height. — KEN R


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