Mystery Launches & Location

1927 guess names and place

Mystery Launches & Location
photo ex Nathan Herbert

The above photo is dated 1927 & show an amazing collection of launches. The challenge today is what’s the location, the reason for the gathering & how many can we name?
On my estimate I can count 38 people on the ‘dark’ launch in the foreground, the Harbour Master compliance nazi’s would wet themselves these days if they saw that, & no sign of any life-rails 🙂
This launch is sporting the #6 on her & the passengers have a very high % of females on board which makes the occasion very interesting, I look forward to the replies.

8 thoughts on “Mystery Launches & Location

  1. The passenger launch just might be “Aroha” and if she is heading to Paihia or Waitangi it is going in the wrong direction.


  2. I identify one at mid right as a v bottom real mystery launch from this site, the big flush decker is also known but name escapes me… Also distant left is a bit like a bridedeckerised Jean. Could be that Leon Warne thing whose name escapes me.


  3. Passengers on the heavily loaded boat could be ferrying to Paihia or Waitangi. – KEN R


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