Mystery Yacht – Sailing Sunday

S:S 10:04:2016

Mystery Yacht – Sailing Sunday
photo ex Max Pike ex Auckland Weekly News (23 April 1930)

I’m sure the stick & rag woodys will be able to ID the above yacht, the only info I had was the caption which was something like ‘yacht off Freemans Bay preparing for race’.

Speaking of races I’m venturing over to the dark side today & crewing on Rainbow in the Ponsonby Cruising Club’s Vintage & Veterans race. Hopefully we will get some wind, I have been the kiss of death weather wise when aboard other classic yachts 🙂

11 thoughts on “Mystery Yacht – Sailing Sunday

  1. I also had brief sojourns on her in the late 50’s and 60’s, with great memories, and a young brother and my father were on her when she spectacularly blew up at Gt. Barrier.
    Does anyone know who is the present owner of the Victory as I possess an artifact of great relevance to her and would be of interest to the owner?
    Further to this, would anyone know what the Gulf weather and sailing conditions were on the King’s Birthday Week End of 1938?


  2. Those of you with a copy of Southern Breeze will have a clearer view of this on page 114. We didn’t identify the boat back then but to me, Victory seems like a better shout than Rangi but I’m open to persuasion. The Sthn Breeze pic is wider and includes Ariki, also at her mooring, with mainsail hoisted and jibs hanked on.

    We also said that they were ‘snugging down after picking up their moorings’ but given the way the shadows are lying on the water and on the boats, it looks like mid morning, maybe early afternoon. So probably they are preparing to depart, rather than packing up.

    They may just be heading off doe their Easter cruise

    Having another look and I’m swinging back. In The Logans, page 65, there is a photo of Victory in 1923 with her gold arrow cove line painted much lower that that on this boat.

    Fun Fun Fun


  3. I think it is RANGI preparing for the trans tasman race to Sydney. She was B16 and owned by ?? George I believe. Harold will know I,m sure.


  4. Hi Alan, I always read and enjoy your delving into our collective wooden boat past, your confession of and unconcealed admiration of power over sail, the mystery and potential story contained within a grainy image of who knows what, where and when. How delightful that you are crewing on the glorious Rainbow today. She is one of the finest restorations of one of the finest, revolutionary and important 19th century Logan Brothers’ sailing creations, as you well know. Careful, you may be observed grinning all day. kind regards Bruce

    On Sun, Apr 10, 2016 at 12:02 AM, #1 for classic wooden bo


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