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Moerangi 1

photos & story from NZ Life & Leisure magazine

Today we feature the Logan Bros ex work boat Moerangi. When launched in 1901 she was schooner rigged & also had one of the first oil engines in New Zealand.
Built for Archibald Weir Jnr. she started her working life towing the commercial fishing fleet in & out of Moeraki, as the fleet started installing engines her role became redundant & she became a passenger ferry with the Peninsular Ferry co. in Otago. Around 1920 she was converted back to a fishing boat & moved around several ports – Port Chalmers > Lyttlelton > Akaroa. Her past is a lille cloudy after 1920 until the early 1980’s when she was converted to a pleasure craft. Her owners Alice & Mick Sinclair would love to know more about the ‘missing’ years.
ww has a great relationship with the crew at NZ Life & Leisure magazine, the #1 selling magazine in its field & we thank them for sharing this story with ww readers. You can find out more about the magazine here

More details & photos on Moerangi’s past here


Moerangi 2

Moerangi 3

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7 thoughts on “Moerangi – 4sale

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  2. With her general Appearance & heritage surely she must have a Gardner today, it would be unthinkable for her to have anything else. Who can tell us, & if pos., the model as well? — KEN R


  3. I remember the days when this site had it’s own original content….. 😛 long may they continue…

    Jason – there has always been other content, in fact there have already been 4 ‘NZ Life & Leisure’ articles –
    # Ever Wondered Whats Inside Those Sheds
    # Which Boat Today
    # Penelope
    # Moerangi

    All of these performed well in both audience numbers & views.
    Remember, reading the article is your call, if its not your cup of tea, come back the next day 🙂



  4. PS Although a great fan of the Logans, I would blush to my boots if I were reported saying that they had “by far the most significant boatbuilding business of its time” and were “Royalty on the waterfront”.
    What about the Baileys, pray?
    Journalistic licence perhaps?
    Glossy mag-itis?


  5. A few comments;
    1. The “schooner rig” simply meant that she had two masts for carrying auxiliary sails, not that she was a “schooner”, of course although they were certainly used on her delivery voyage under Capt Alexander.
    2. Her 27hp Union engine was by no means “one of the first oil engines in New Zealand”. QUEEN OF BEAUTY, the 57 footer built by C. & W. Bailey in late 1896 had a 30 hp Union and there were a couple of earlier tiddler oil engine launches built in Auckland. By November 29 1901, when this MOERANGI was launched, oil engines were commonplace. For example, in April 1900 Logan Bros had built the 64 ft UTA for the Wellington Harbour Board with a 50hp Union.
    3. As for the missing years, the only bit I can add is that she was owned at Akaroa by F. Gracia in 1940 with a 36hp Gardner and registered as LN120.


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