Karere III


details ex Bob Salthouse via Ken Ricketts. photos ex KR

Karere III was designed & built by Bob Salthouse in 1974 of 3 skins of Kauri (one full length & 2 on opposite diagonals) for Logan Colemore-Williams of the very well known  marine products manufacturer of that era, Sonata Laboratories.
Karere III was 53′ long originally & powered by 2 x model 3208  Caterpillar V8 naturally aspirated 210 hp diesels. The same engine was used in single engine installations in many of the Mark One 36′ Corsairs designed by Bob S. & built by Bobs company. Her hull was used as a ‘plug’ for several more boats of the same spec.

She was later lengthened by approximately 6′ to extend her at the stern to around 60′ long. This was done in Picton by Jim Cary, to design work done by & under the direct supervision of Bob Salthouse, whom they flew down to Picton to supervise the project. This is evidenced by the position of the propellers & rudders in photos above of her on the hardstand at Gulf Harbour on 4.2.16.

Bob reports that her speed was increased quite markedly by several knots with the addition of the extra length. Bob also commented that she spent quite a period of time in the Wellington region, but is  now back in Auckland. Kept at Bayswater marina I pass her every time I come & go, in the water she looks even more impressive.

Link to down load the Sea Spray article on her launch Karere III

2016 Lake Rotoiti Classic & Wooden Boat Parade – just back, hundreds of photos to sort thru – be sure to check in Tuesday – a very cool big post coming up.
I particularly like the photo below – two woodys having a chat in the rain. On the left Lake Rotoiti Classic & Wooden Boat Association Commodore Grant Cossey in his 1908  Collings & Bell launch ‘Elva’ & Russell Ward in the 1994 steam boat ‘Romany’.


15 thoughts on “Karere III

  1. KARERE11 is, of course, not ‘KARERE111’.
    I was chief stew, deck hand, second helm etc for longer than I care to remember.
    Good boat, if you like boats. She saved many lives on several occasions.


  2. Ken – this discussion started with a query re your claim re the engines in Karere III being Cat #3208, the published spec’s in Sea Spray magazine, stating #3160’s, is the only proof of what they were that is not based on guessing & memory.

    As to when & where the #3208 model was introduced / first sold its all based on the 40+ year old memory of some of our very senior marine industry people. Even your Gough Cat reply is not rock solid (‘Looks like’) e.g. “From the records I have it looks like the first”. The fact that Gough’s were still advertising #3160’s in 1975 (obviously on runout) further supports that the Karere engines were #3160’s.

    What they were actually really doesn’t matter, all this chat is just a ping pong match, so it ends here.


  3. I Have this morning received the below form Goughs & I rest my case — KEN R

    From the records I have it looks like the first 3208 marine was 75V00968 210hp NA sold in 1974


    Edwin Fisher
    Parts Supervisor – Gough Cat
    A Member of the Gough Group, Auckland.


  4. Ken’s reference is “Brighthubengineering” and it is incorrect in several respects, both as far as dates and engine config are concerned .
    To satisfy my own curiosity I went for a trawl thru my Sea Spray back issues, Gough’s were advertising the 3160 up until the Apr 75 issue, then nothing until the first ad for the 3208NA/210hp appeared in the Nov 75 issue.
    The first turbo 3208T/320hp, was released several years later, and only after there had been some aftermarket conversión in USA which forced Cat to act. The 3208TA/375hp followed mid 80’s and the “hand grenade” 3208TA/435hp late 80’s/early 90’s. Production ended 1999.
    Re Karere III, if you zoom in on the engine room photo in the Sea Spray review you can just make out “3160” on the rocker cover


  5. Have just rechecked with Bob S & he has just told me the engines were definitely 210hp & is virtually certain they were 3208s, he said however that the change from the 3160s was at that time, & the 3208 was definitely introduced circa 1973, without doubt, & according to Bob in our conversation, it is faintly possible they could 3160s but he doesn’t think so, so he has referred me to the gentleman who was involved with the supply of the engines at that time, to get his recall.

    He says the main difference was the injection pump, which as modified on the 3208 because of a loss of fuel pressure & a few revs, on the 3160.


  6. Quote from Google on the history of the 3208 engine
    The 3208 emerged in 1973 as a turbocharged version but in 1981, major design mods such as stronger internal rotating parts, three-ring pistons, and beefed up oil and water pumps. The cooling system was also upgraded to include a bigger heat exchanger and seawater pump to cool the engine oil, exhaust manifolds, and turbochargers with the expansion tank and thermostats also being modified. — KEN R


  7. Ken, the Cat 3208 was first released in USA in 1975 as a truck engine to go in médium size Ford trucks. The marine versión followed a year of 2 later in USA and hence my comment about their arriving in NZ late 70’s. I have provided Alan H with a scan of the Karere III review which he may post. Remember as Karere III was launched in 1975, the engines would have been bought in 1973/74. Similarly the Mk 1 Corsairs were originally powered with 3160’s, eg Kahala reviewed in Oct 73 Sea Spray and Colin Pawson’s Marinus (now changed out for a Cummins). I am guessing the 40’Vindex you are referring to was Murray Robert’s Desiderata – this had 2 x 3160’s as well. There was never a factory turbo 3160.


  8. The 3208 was available in 1973 because one of the boatbuilders who built TIARRI for me, in 1976 had built himself a 40 ft. Vindex before he worked on my boat, which was launched circa 1974 & it had 2 x 3208s in it — I just checked with him today, to be sure, also there is reference to the artificially aspirated version, (turbo), being released in 1973, on Google, & I don’t think for a moment that Bob S., could make a mistake like that, when giving me the details for KARERE III, as his company used so many in their 36 foot Corsairs. – KEN R


  9. according to the Sea Spray Sept 75 review, the engines were Caterpillar 3160’s, 204hp. The Cat 3208, which was an update of this engine, was not available in NZ until the late 70’s


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