Freedom DN.33 – A Peek Down Below

FREEDOM DN 33 – A Peek Down Below

Regular WW readers will know that I have a soft spot for converted workboats, Todays woody – Freedom started life as a cray boat, built from kauri in 1956 by Millers in Lyttelton and fished out of Dunedin. Later (date unknown) converted to a live-aboard.

Thanks to Ian McDonald giving us a heads up on a tme feature we get to have a look below. Freedom is 40’ in length and powered by a 1970’s 120hp Ford diesel engine. Being a southern lass, she sports a Dickensen heater – we like those 🙂

Can we learn more about Freedom

3 thoughts on “Freedom DN.33 – A Peek Down Below

  1. a very attractive vessel – do you think the engine is under the helm area or perhaps i little forward of this? – displacement perhaps about 15-20T?


  2. I’m picking the heater is diesel and by the description a sought after item
    Beautifully presented the whole thing


  3. She looks like she has a massive 230volt single phase, or perhaps a 230/400volt 3 phase alternator, driven by a 3 cyl diesel– perhaps a Petter or Lister, with a very substantial commercial type electrical distribution board on the wall, on which, as an electrician, I note a switching to shore power option, in the background of the engineroom. Very rare to have that type of equipment, in a vessel of that size, in my experience. An amazing setup.

    The whole boat looks absolutely stunning from top to tail inside. KEN R


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