Arizona – Gets A Happy Ending


Mooching around online I came across this great tale from Russel Subritzky, when you hear stuff like this it makes the rubbish we get feed in the mainstream media fade away – I’ll let Russel tell the story

“Arizona  my 42ft brdgedecker ..boat has a lot of history with my family..a photo of this boat towing a Subritzky  boat across the Kaipara bar was big new in 1933 as the boat had been presumed lost with all hands for over 9 mths..while doing its regular run to Fiji and surrounding islands it hit a grandfather was the skipper..the 10 year old cabin boy was to become my father..i asked my dad many times over the years how they survived..they chopped down trees and beached the boat using pulleys and ropes and hand cranked winch to pull boat ashore .repair holes and damage and get it back in water ..i would say something and he would bellow ” we were men” and i would say no dad you were 10 years old..but yes they were gone but returned  ..the boats name  ” the Greyhound” ..

So this boat was gifted to me because when it was for sale i called and related the story and about this boat being on front page news paper ..and the person on phone says to me did someone put you up to this and how do you know what is hanging on our wall..they had the original newspaper article..when i met the woman who had boat and we spoke and i walked around boat..she came out and said that the boat was mine..that she couldn’t believe how much the boat meant to me..So theres my little boat of family history for you.”

Russell also commented that the boat was currently out of the water (up north) and today her interior has been done and just needs to be re caulked and a paint job. I’m a little confused re the reference to the name ’the Greyhound’ – hopefully someone can explain. In the earlier photos there is KPA 98 visible on her bow, possibly a Kaipara number – commercial fishing? Zach Matich will know the answer. Back in December 2022 we ran a story on her with several photos – I’m assuming this was prior to Russell ‘acquiring’ the boat – link below to that WW story

What more can we add to her story – we know that she is 36′ and possibly built in 1914.

7 thoughts on “Arizona – Gets A Happy Ending

  1. I believe Greyhound was the name of the boat that the Arizona was towing ascoss the bar.


  2. Do you have the story of the bridgedecker TASMAN, John Spencer’s boat still on the Waitemata and owned and lovingly cared for by Dennis ‘Doc’ O’Callaghan?
    I lost contact with Doc and have fond memories of outings aboard Tasman in the 80’s. It saw service in WW2 and has a US Navy commemorative bronze plaque on board. If I recall the US Navy contributed a replacement Ford Diesel engine as it reward for its’ service.
    Gerry Grenier

    GERRY – some photos and info at the WW links below. Alan H


  3. presuming the GREYHOUND must be the ex Subritzky owned schooner on102315, wrecked near SUVA in July 1927 (PapersPast -google search). Seems her register must’ve been closed and written off as wrecked- so there must be a story to be uncovered about a salvage and recovery mission. Reported as owned at the time by the “Fiji Shipping Co” -was their a connection there with the Subritzky family? Coincidently there seems to be an article in the current issue of “Memories’ magazine (By Mike Subritzky) of the same vessel (Greyhound)….


  4. Any chance of more details or links to the voyage and return of the boat


  5. Guessing that the boat “that once was lost, but now is found” was the Greyhound, the Subritsky boat Arizona towed across the Kaipara bar.
    Would love to know the full story on the shipwreck and self-salvage.


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