Classic Wooden Boating – Kawau Island 1929 Movie


Sometimes I come across classic woody content that is just too good to not share, sometimes the format might be an old home movie footage or faded photos straight out of a shoe box – todays one such day. Mooching around the www I came across a Lew Redwood fb post that had a link to some film footage from c.1929 that is stored / saved at Nga Taonga – the NZ archive of film, television and sound.

The footage is tagged – PLEASURE ISLE, KAWAU ISLAND. Viewing it, it quickly becomes obvious that back in the day it was made to promote tourism / visitation to Kawau Island.

Mansion House Bay is wall to wall wooden launches and a few wind thiefs. Just too many to try and identify but some look familiar.

The images above are screen grabs from the movie footage. Below is the link to the movie – its great viewing – enjoy 🙂

5 thoughts on “Classic Wooden Boating – Kawau Island 1929 Movie

  1. Cool bit of history. Much has changed but the Morten Bay Fig, Pine trees, Mansion House and Wharf all the same. It still is a wonderful spot.


  2. The steamer is Rangitoto (1913 – 1940) in Northern Steamship Company ownership from 1926 – 1940.


  3. Would of been an exciting day back then unfortunately maybe there is a couple people still around from that movie promotion
    What ferry was it


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