If you searched the name – Maroro on WW you would uncover a lot of content, it was a popular name once. Todays Maroro is not one of the boats previously featured. 

Her story has her as a Bailey design / build, year unknown, approx. 28’ in length and powered by a 50hp Isuzu diesel engine. 

In the last 20+ years Maroro has been a resident of both Milford Marina and a swing mooring at Paremoremo Inlet / Creek.

Top photo shows her in her ‘prime’ – following photos taken last week at the Milford Slipway, her new adopted home. Plans are to return her closer to as launched – refer b/w photo below. Note the mast / sail is a yacht alongside, being rescued. The # 511 on her side was her Coastguard number at the time.

Are we able to confirm / add to what we know about Maroro.

2 thoughts on “Maroro

  1. Think one of her owners was a Coastguard Radio Operator by the name of Jasper and he made her available for training exercises. Would be in the 2000 – 2010 era.


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