Northern Star


The 40’ ex workboat Northern Star was built c.late 196o’s by Roger Carey in Picton, then c.2009 she was converted to a trawler cruiser / live aboard.

Forward motion is via a rebuilt 6LX Gardner that is keel cooled. Like all good southerns woodys there is a diesel heater to keep toastie below.

From her tme listing (thanks Ian McDonald) we see that she is very well fitted out for extended cruising.

INPUT ex Russell Ward – photo below taken 20+ years back, in Picton marina. Russell commented that they all looked so much better in working colours than in the stark white that present owners use.

5 thoughts on “Northern Star

  1. In the book By boats we live by Joan Clark Northern Star was built in 1967
    I think you may be thinking of the Ocean Star which was a light house tender a bit older and around 50ft plus


  2. Re the Northern Star. I would be a bit surprised if she was really built in the late sixties as mentioned. I used to sail on her in the early seventies and I thought she was quite old then. At that time she was owned by the Marine Division of the Ministry of Transport and we used her for lighthouse maintenance when the Stella was unavailable


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