Woodys Classic Weekend Happening Now + Mystery Launch (Maitai)


As you are reading todays WW story, weather permitting 15 woody classic craft will be weaving their way up the Wairoa River headed for the Clevedon Cruising Club for an overnight trip.

As always the CCC crew turn on a great gig for the waitematawoody trip. The day starts with the flotilla being berthed at the CCC dock, in front of the clubhouse, then we ‘open’ the boats for club member to inspect. Happy hour tends to start early up the river 😉 Then we all meet at the club room for a BBQ dinner, raffles, outdoor fires are lit and then the live music kicks off at 8.30pm (almost my bed time) – should be a hoot.

Now there’s always a boat story – today its a mystery launch that popped up on Lew Redwood’s fb, the photo below is dated 1933 and the location is off Hen Island – looks very familiar so hopefully we can put a name to the craft.

19-09-2022 Input ex Nathan Herbert – The launch is Maitai.


And A Not Great Example Of How to Promote Your Woody Event The word ‘TIMBER’ doesn’t really have the same gusto as ‘WOODEN’


3 thoughts on “Woodys Classic Weekend Happening Now + Mystery Launch (Maitai)

  1. One more thing the mast & crosstree style, size, & rigging of it, are identical in the mystery boat to JULIANA. — KEN R


  2. I believe she could be my late fathers JULIANA, just as she was built in 1930, by Sam Ford, & was originally called the WIDGEON, when built.
    A particular characteristic of the JULIANA, was the fact that she had a particularly wide tram top, for her era, with 3 windows across the front end, as with this boat as well, which in my experience, was fairly rare, to have that many front windows in a 30 footer, built at that time, also, the dodger windows & layout are effectually the same as JULIANA had originally, & this boat also has round portholes, in what must have been the main cabin, & dad’s boat, which he bought in 1946, also had these when dad bought her, & which he replaced, with the 4 oblong ones, with the curved tops, which she had for much of her life to date, until she had new coamings fitted post 2000, by Fraser Wilson, & her name changed to MARJORIE ROSA. — KEN R

    photo added below. Alan H


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